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    English Literature and Cultural Studies

    Publikationen / publications

    • Desire and the Abject: Male 'Mating' in the Warzone in David Malouf's novel The Great World. This paper was written (and performed for a class presentation) in the form of a 'spoken word' poem titled Love in the Times of Cholera.
    • Four creative publications in the online anthology of writing Visual Verse ­link
    • 'Facebook and the Postcolony: Identity, Memory and Trauma in India's Online Spaces' presented at the 'Frames of Reference 2017 - Neoliberalising Cultures' Conference, School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. January 2017.
    • 'Analyzing criminalization as a medium of assimilation in the film Provoked' presented at the 'Past, Present and Post 'Diaspora': New Directions in Diaspora Studies' International Conference, University of Mumbai. November, 2016.