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    English Literature and Cultural Studies

    Forschung / research

    • Petroculture studies
    • Geocriticism
    • Postcolonial studies / futures
    • Digital humanities
    • Memory studies
    • Loneliness studies
    • Nation theory

    The working title of my PhD. project is "Sailing into the Dust: Excavating the Postpetroleum City via the Postcolonial Nation". This project seeks to mobilise and amplify the petrocultures located at oil frontiers in former and neo- colonies, and when possible, to read them in non-traumatic contexts. This is an attempt to re-situate the discussion around petrofiction and petrocultures at the point where the resource originates, or is rather, forced out of the ground and invariably into the lived cultures of that land. I want to plug into this discourse the context of an equally covetted and contested imperial commodity - opium, which facilitated the wealth and territotrial expansion of the British Empire in Asia. Textually, the idea isn't to simply amplify narratives but to stage encounters between two stages of (post)colonization: the imperial opium-driven enterprise in colonial India, and the oil-based societies in Saudi Arabia.

    GAPS (Gesellschaft für Anglophone Postkoloniale Studien)