Deutsch Intern
    English and American Studies

    Sabrina Hüttner, M. A. - Administration and Academic Service

    10/2011-2014: appointed member of the "Exkursionsmittelkommission", (Philosophische Fakultät I, Universität Würzburg)

    02/2010-10/2010: appointed member of the "Berufungskommission W2-American Cultural Studies"

    06/2009-04/2010: appointed member of the "Berufungskommission W3 Amerikanistik"(Vorgezogene Wiederbesetzung – Nachfolge Prof. Dr. Jochen Achilles)

    10/2009-2014: elected member of the Fakultätsrat (Departmental Executive Committee) (Philosophische Fakultät I, Universität Würzburg)

    10/2008-2014: elected member on the Committee for the Distribution of Tuition Fees (Kommission zur Verteilung von Studiengebühren), University of Würzburg

    03/2008-2014: English Department's delegate for the development of internationally standardized Bachelor's and Master's programs (Bologna process)


    Neuphilologisches Institut
    Am Hubland
    97070 Würzburg

    Phone: +49 931 31-85409

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