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    American Studies

    61st Annual Convention of the GAAS

    Würzburg, June 12-15, 2014

    Workshop 6. Disaster Discourses

    Christina Kannenberg (Konstanz)
    "Rich Countries Wear Tattered Underwear": Narratives of the 1998 Montreal Ice Storm

    Nadine Klopfer (München)
    "Riding it out": New Orleans, Disasters, and a Sense of Place

    Susann Köhler (Erlangen-Nürnberg)
    After the Flood: Hurricane Katrina and the Politics of Ruin Photography

    Mathilde Köstler (Mainz)
    Ron Thibodeaux' Hell or High Water: How Cajuns Counter the Rita and Ike Amnesia

    Adam Murphree (New York University)
    Practical Theodicy after Hurricane Sandy: Ecological Impotence, Disaster Evangelism, and Other Christian Responses to Environmental Disaster in New York City


    Florian Freitag
    American Studies
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