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    American Studies

    61st Annual Convention of the GAAS

    Würzburg, June 12-15, 2014

    Workshop 10. "Shock and awe, beauty and despair - it’s all there"*: Eco-Photography’s Views on the Transnational Landscape

    Astrid Böger (Hamburg)
    The Farm Security Administration File as Eco-Photographic Archive

    John Toohey (Concordia University Montreal)
    The Progressive Landscape: Lawrence Engel and the Nevada Photo Service

    Antonia Purk (Erfurt)
    From the Text to the Photo Book: Jamaica Kinkaid’s Technique of Ekphrasis

    Ingrid Gessner (Regensburg)
    "We see the surface, but there is something beyond the surface": Recovering Masumi Hayashi’s EPA Superfund Site Photocollages

    Dustin Breitenwischer (Freiburg)
    Catherine Opie’s American Cities and the Poetics of Being There

    Ralph J. Poole (Salzburg)
    "and there is grass growing in the parking lots": Urban Ruins and Guerilla Aesthetics


    Verena Laschinger
    Universität Erfurt
    Amerikanische Literaturwissenschaft
    Nordhäuser Str. 63
    99089 Erfurt

    Eva-Sabine Zehelein
    American Studies
    University of Regensburg
    93040 Regensburg

    *CIWEM Executive Director Nick Reeves; www.ibtimes.com/environmental-photographer-year-2013-winning-shots-1182339