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    American Studies

    Workshop 1

    61st Annual Convention of the GAAS

    Würzburg, June 12-15, 2014

    Nature, Technology, and the Body: Posthumanist Interfaces of the Networked Self

    Our workshop will consist of three thematic clusters which will each be alloted one hour of discussion time: 1) Theoretical Perspectives on Posthumanism; 2) Posthumanist Narratives; 3) Posthumanist Politics. Each of these clusters will include 4-5 participants engaging in a critical discussion based on their paper proposals. Instead of conventional paper presentations, participants will be given up to 7 minutes to present their main arguments in a concise and precise way. Individual presentations will be followed by a roundtable/general discussion of about 30 mins. It is our aim to bring together a whole range of perspectives, identify prevalent theoretical positions, and explore the field of critical posthumanism in/for American Studies. We therefore want to encourage lively debates from a variety of different angles rather than only presenting a few selected perspectives.

    1) Theoretical Perspectives on Posthumanism

    Hanjo Berressem (Köln)
    "We Have Never Been Human": Posthumanism Before Posthumanism

    Laura Bieger (Freiburg)
    Posthuman Belonging: Contemplating the Narrative Agency of Networking Self

    Stefan Danter (Mannheim)
    Tales of Multiplicity – Varieties of Posthumanism and their Effects on the Humanist Subject/Self

    Shane Denson (Hannover)
    Metabolic Images: Post-Cinematic Interfaces with a Postnatural World

    Wojciech Malecki (Wrocław)
    Nature After America, or Pragmatist Thought and Its Consequences for Posthumanism

    2) Posthumanist Narratives

    Alexandra Berlina (Duisburg-Essen)
    Posthumanism, Surrealism and the Hybrid Self in Michael Cunningham's Specimen Days

    Alexander Dunst (Paderborn)
    Philip K. Dick's Posthumous Posthumanism

    Michaela Giesenkirchen Sawyer (Utah Valley University)
    Gertrude Stein's Posthumanism

    Julian Henneberg (Berlin)
    Posthuman Powers?

    Manlio Della Marca (Rom/München)
    "From Singular to Connected Paradigms of the Mind and Brain": Globally Networked Intelligence and Posthuman Civil Liberties in Ramez Naam's Nexus

    3) Posthumanist Politics

    James Dorson (Berlin)
    Critical Posthumanism in the Posthuman Economy: The Case of Mr. Squishy

    Frederike Offizier (Potsdam)
    Securing the Human: Biotechnology and Identity Construction

    Simon Schleusener (Berlin)
    Posthumanist Politics: Ethics and Ontology in the Philosophy of the New Materialism

    Florian Zappe (Berlin)
    Lifelogging, Sousveillance and the Position of the (Post)human Subject


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