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    Dr. Ninja SCHULZ


    Office Phone and Email

    Room: 5 E 21
    Phone: +49 931 31-83593

    Office hours during summer semester 2017

    Mondays, 3-4.30pm

    Office hours during summer break

    Tuesdays, 11-12 am: 8.8., 22.8., 19.9., 10.10., 17.10.

    Research Interests

    Old and Middle English language and literature, language change, historical (socio)linguistics, sociolinguistics, World Englishes, morphosyntax, semantics.

    Current Research

    Development of literary motifs in medieval texts; style in Old English narrative poetry; discourse structure of Old English prose and poetry.

    Function of auxiliary DO in Present-Day English, Early Modern English and new varieties of English (including L2 varieties and pidgins and creoles) as inherited or innovative feature; SLA effects; language typology; language contact; tense and aspect marking.

    English in Hong Kong; historical development; identity construction; compilation of diachronic corpus.

    Academic Qualifications

    University of Bonn

    2008 Master (M.A.) in English Language and Medieval Literature 

    2014 PhD in English Linguistics


    University of Bonn (2008-2014)

    Practical Phonetics and Phonology

    Introduction to Linguistics

    Introduction to Historical Linguistics

    History of the English Language

    Old English Language and Literature

    Middle English Language and Literature

    Medieval Studies

    Old English Heroic Poetry

    University of Würzburg (2014-)

    English Phonetics and Phonology


    English Syntax



    Old English

    Middle English

    Early Modern English

    Language Change

    Language Policy and Planning

    Dialects of Britain and Ireland

    Historical Sociolinguistics

    English in Asia

    Language and Politics in Ireland, Scotland and Wales


    Schulz, Ninja 2014. Syntactic and Pragmatic Functions of þa in Old English Prose and Verse. Bonn: Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Bonn. 

    Conference talks

    “Grammatical and Pragmatic Triggers for Word Order Patterns in Old English Poetry”. 15th Conference “Studientag zum Englischen Mittelalter” (SEM XVI), Universität Bern, 7-9 March 2013. 

    “To Protect from Outside and from Within? - Magic, Identity and the Other in the Old English Lacnunga”. International Medieval Congress 2015 (IMC), University of Leeds, 6-8 July 2015. 

    “‘Gefeol ða wine swa drunken’ – the stylistic function of þa-clauses in the OE poem Judith”. Approaching the Historical: a symposium of Early Modern and Medieval Stylistics (SEMMS), University of Nottingham, 14 June 2017.

    “‘Onwoc þa wiges heard, wang sceawode, fore burggeatum’: Conquest, conversion, and communication in the Old English poem Andreas.” Strangers at the Gate – the (un)welcome movement of people and ideas in the medieval world, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 17-18 June 2017.


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