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    Prof. Dr. Carolin BIEWER

    Chair of English Linguistics 

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    Room: 5 E 22
    Phone: +49 931 31-80224

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    Thursday, 3.8., 10-11am
    Monday, 14.8., 10-11am
    Tuesday, 19.9., 10-11am
    Thursday, 5.10., 10-11am
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    Research Interests

    English lexis, morphology, syntax, corpus linguistics, statistics for linguists, World Englishes, sociolinguistics, linguistic typology, variationist pragmatics, corpus stylistics, forensic linguistics;

    Current Research

    structural characteristics of L2 English in the South Pacific; a multivariate analysis of past tense non-marking in South Pacific Englishes; the role of second language acquisition and sociocultural aspects in the development of L2 varieties of English; structural characteristics of native and non-native varieties in comparison; the influence of social factors on adjective comparison in Late Modern English; compilation of a diachronic corpus of Hong Kong English; the historical development of text types (academic writing, press news reports, private correspondence) in Hong Kong; Virginia Woolf’s stream of consciousness from a linguistic perspective; the influence of television on foreign language learning; 

    Academic Qualifications

    University of Heidelberg

    1999        Diploma in Mathematics with Philosophy as a minor 
    2000        Teacher’s Degree (1. Staatsexamen) in English and Mathematics 
    2005        PhD in English Linguistics and Literary Studies

    University of Zurich

    2013        Habilitation in English Linguistics, Venia Legendi for English Philology

    Previous Positions

    WS 12/13- SS13        Vertretungsprofessorin (W2) at the University of Giessen
    WS 13/14- SS14        Privatdozentin at the University of Zurich
    WS 14/15- SS15        Vertretungsprofessorin (W3) at the University of Bonn


    2016 ESSE Book Award, category English language and linguistics

    2016 Habilitationspreis des Deutschen Anglistenverbandes


    University of Heidelberg (2004-2008)


    Morphological Typology


    Shakespeare's English

    Early Modern English

    New Zealand English

    Middle English

    Corpus Linguistics

    Exploring English Syntax

    Languages of New Zealand

    English in the South Pacific

    English Lexicology

    English in the 19th and 20th Century


    University of Zurich (2008-2012) (2013-2014)


    English in the Pacific and Australasia

    Varieties of English as a Second Language

    Introduction to Linguistics I; Introduction to Linguistics II

    Corpus-Based Language Studies; English in Modern Times (1700-2000)


    Statistics for Linguists

    New Englishes

    English in New Zealand and the South Pacific


    University of Giessen (2012-2013)


    English Grammar

    English Lexicology

    Languages of New Zealand

    English in the Pacific and Australasia

    Late Modern English

    English in Hong Kong


    New Englishes

    Language and Society

    University of Bonn (2014-2015)


    English Words: Structure, History and Usage

    Corpus Linguistics

    Contrastive Linguistics


    English Grammar: System and Variation

    University of Würzburg (2015- )



    Languages of New Zealand

    Corpus Linguistics

    Special Research Topics in Linguistics

    English in Hong Kong

    Shakespeare's English

    Middle English

    Contrastive Linguistics

    English in the South Pacific and Australasia


    New Englishes

    Language and Society

    English in New Zealand and the South Pacific



    Biewer, Carolin 2006. Die Sprache der Liebe in Shakespeares Komödien – eine Semantik und Pragmatik der Leidenschaft. Heidelberg: Carl Winter.

    Biewer, Carolin 2015. South Pacific Englishes. A Sociolinguistic and Morphosyntactic Profile of Fiji English, Samoan English and Cook Islands English. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [winner of the ESSE Book Award 2016, category English language and linguistics; winner of the Habilitationspreis des Deutschen Anglistenverbandes]

    Co-edited books

    Biewer, Carolin 2007 [with Marianne Hundt, Nadja Nesselhauf] (eds.). Corpus Linguistics and the Web. Amsterdam: Rodopi.


    Biewer, Carolin 2007 [with Marianne Hundt]. "The dynamics of inner and outer circle varieties in the Pacific." In: Marianne Hundt, Nadja Nesselhauf & Carolin Biewer (eds.). Corpus Linguistics and the Web. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 249-269. 

    Biewer, Carolin 2007. "South Pacific Englishes – the influence of New Zealand English and the Oceanic substrate languages." New Zealand English Journal 21: 58-63.

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    Biewer, Carolin 2008. "Concord patterns in South Pacific Englishes – the influence of New
    Zealand English and the local substrate." In: Klaus Stierstorfer (ed.). Anglistentag 2007 Münster, Proceedings. Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 331-343.

    Biewer, Carolin 2009. "Dietetics as a key to language and character in Shakespeare’s comedy." English Studies 90 (1): 17-33.

    Biewer, Carolin 2009. "Passive constructions in Fiji English – a corpus-based study." In: Andreas H. Jucker, Daniel Schreier & Marianne Hundt (eds.). Corpora: Pragmatics and Discourse. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 361-377.

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    Biewer, Carolin 2010 [with Marianne Hundt & Lena Zipp]. "'How' a Fiji corpus? Challenges in the compilation of an ESL ICE component." Icame Journal 34: 5-23.

    Biewer, Carolin 2011. "Modal auxiliaries in second-language varieties of English: a learner’s perspective." In: Joybrato Mukherjee & Marianne Hundt (eds.). Exploring Second-Language Varieties of English and Learner Englishes: Bridging a Paradigm Gap.Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 7-33.

    Biewer, Carolin 2012 [with Dagmar Deuber, Stephanie Hackert & Michaela Hilbert]. "Willand would in selected New Englishes: general vs. variety-specific tendencies." In: Marianne Hundt & Ulrike Gut (eds.). Mapping Unity and Diversity World-Wide: Corpus-based Studies of New Englishes. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 77-102.

    Biewer, Carolin 2012. "Acrolectal English in the South Pacific: emerging standards?" In: Raymond Hickey (ed.). Standards of English. Codified Varieties around the World.Cambridge: CUP, 336-353.

    Biewer Carolin 2013 [with Stephanie Hackert, Dagmar Deuber & Michaela Hilbert]. "Modals of possibility, ability and permission in selected Englishes". eVarieng 13. <>.

    Biewer, Carolin & Kate Burridge submitted. "English in Australasia and the South Pacific". In: Daniel Schreier, Marianne Hundt & Edgar Schneider (eds.). The Cambridge Handbook of World Englishes. Cambridge: CUP.


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