Prof. Dr. Barış KABAK



Professor of English Linguistics

Contact Person Master Allgemeine und Angewandte Sprachwissenschaft


Office Phone and Email

Room: 5 U 12
Phone: +49 931 31-86519
Fax: +49 931 31-85660


Office hours during summer semester 2017

Mondays 4:15pm-5:15pm

Office hours during summer break:

24/07/17, 4pm-5pm
27/07/17, 4:30pm-5:30pm
24/08/17, 2pm-3pm
September 2017: by appointment (please email me).

Secretariat: Karin Kernahan
Phone: +49 931 31-81125 / -86587


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Research Interests

Phonology and Phonetics:
Prosodic Phonology, Phonetics-Phonology Interface, Morphology-Phonology Interface,
Syntax-Phonology Interface, Laboratory Phonology, Second Language Phonetics and Phonology, Speech Perception, Music-Prosody Interface, Prosodic Typology, Phonological Change and Variation

Morphology and Syntax:
Morphophonology and Prosodic Morphology, Agglutination, Cliticization and Morphologization, Word Formation (especially, Compounding and Reduplication), Morphology-Syntax Interface, Suspended Affixation, Bilingual Morphosyntax, Word Class Distinctions in Phonology, Syntax-Phonology Mapping, Word Segmentation

Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and Bilingualism:
Psycholinguistic Aspects of SLA and Bilingualism, Second Language Phonology, Bilingual Grammatical Competence, Ultimate Attainment and Near Nativeness, Foreign Accent, Third Language Acquisition of Phonology, Cognitive Aspects of Multilingualism

English Linguistics:
English Phonetics, Phonology and Prosody, English Morphology and Word Formation (especially, Compounding and Blending), Non-native Varieties of English, Sociophonetics of English Varieties, American English Varieties with focus on their Phonology, Prosody and Morphology, Phonology and Prosody of Emerging Englishes, English as a Foreign Language

Other Languages:
Turkish Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology
Korean Phonology


Research Projects

Optionality in Bilingual Grammars (funded by Forschungsfonds der Philosophischen Fakultät I, University of Würzburg, 2014-2015). 

Nature and Dynamics of Prosodic Exceptions: Experimental and Cross-linguistic Insights (through the Young Scholar Fund in the framework of the Excellence Initiative, University of Konstanz, 2010-2011). Ph.D. Student: Yulia Lavitskaya

Phonological Patterns and Subregularities in the Lexicon (within SFB 471 ‘Variation and Evolution in the Lexicon’ funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), University of Konstanz, 2006-2008).

Acoustic, phonetic and phonological factors in non-native sound perception (AFF, University of Konstanz, 2008-2009)

L2 Perception of German and English Sound Strings (AFF, University of Konstanz, 2007).

L2 Acquisition of English Fricatives and Voicing (AFF, University of Konstanz, 2006)


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