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    Together with the Indian partners, the DAAD project "Literature in a Globalized World: Creative and Critical Perspectives" regularly conducts a variety of activities and measures at the University of Würzburg and in India.

    Winter term 2017/18

    “Transcultural Pedagogies”

    Research Seminar with Ranjan Ghosh (University of North Bengal)

    This course, co-taught by Prof. Ranjan Ghosh and Prof. Isabel Karremann, introduces students to a critical engagement with trans-thinking, a trans-philosophy of doing literature and humanities. It will bring the students to do some thinking on tradition and inheritance, philosophy of entanglement, contemporary discourses on how globalization and comparative pedagogy are viewed and analysed, the nuanced experiences of distant/close readings, comparative philosophical discourses on contrareity and the opposite and a wide critique of the philosophy of comparison. 

    Students will be introduced to the latest ideas in these fields as much as traditional and established schools of thought. The course does not recommend heavy preparatory reading at all: instead, we will try to make the classroom a 'thinking space' -- dialogic, negotiatory and conversational. Prof. Ghosh in particular will deliver several lectures on these issues with reasonable ease and explication, before students can be led to further readings. The classes will begin with thinking through issues, enabling students to develop their own essential and 'further reading' lists, and have been envisaged as a contemplative and explorative evolution with the students. "Thinking together" is the message. 

    Ranjan Ghosh teaches at the Department of English, University of North Bengal, India. He is the author of many innovative, thought-provoking books on questions of transcultural aesthetics, literature and globalisation, poetry, philosophy and pedagogy. His latest publications include Thinking Literature Across Continents (Duke University Press, 2016), co-authored with J. Hillis Miller, Transcultural Poetics (Routledge, 2017) and Philosophy and Poetry: A Continental Perspective (Columbia University Press, 2018).

    Dieser Kurs richtet sich vor allem an die Studierenden des MA "English Speaking Cultures", aber auch fortgeschrittene Studierende aus dem Bereich BA und Lehramt sind willkommen. Bitte beachten Sie, daß der Kurs in der ersten Vorlesungswoche (Montag, Dienstag, Freitag und Samstag) in einer Vormittags- und einer Nachmittagssitzung sowie zwei Abendvorträgen (genauer Termin für die Abendveranstaltungen folgt) abgehalten wird. Bitte planen Sie dies entsprechend ein. 

    Bitte melden Sie sich bei Interesse an dieser Veranstaltung per Mail direkt bei Frau Prof. Karremann an:

    Summer term 2017

    Following activities are planned for the summer Term 2017

    • Seminar "Narratives of Globalization" taught by Prof. Dr. Isabel Karremann, enrolment via sb@home.
    • Seminar "Commonwealth Drama" taught by Julia Spahn, enrolment via sb@home.
    • Guestprofessorship Prof. Suagata Bhaduri in from 15. May to 14. June; individual dates for talks will be announced.
    • 16. May 2017 literature reading by writer and novelist Anant Kumar (contact: Prof. Dr. Isabel Karremann).

    Winterschool 2017: Literature in a Globalized World

    In February 2017, the first winter school with the title "Literature in Globalized World", as part of the DAAD project "Literature in a Globalized World: Creative and Critical Perspectives", will be held at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi/India.

    Application deadline:
    1 December 2016,
    mail to:
    Application form: Download the application form here.

    Winter term 2016/17

    Following activities are planned for the winter term 2016/17

    • Seminar “Kipling’s India” taught by Sarah Knor; enrolment via sb@home.
    • Lectures and one-day workshop offered by Prof. Shoba Venkatesh Ghosh,University of Mumbai, India. Enrolment via sb@home, for more information and dates contact Sarah Knor, M.A. (
    • Introduction to the topic of "Cultural Encounters" - Lecture I + II - within the MA-lecture series on December, 9th and 16th, 10 - 12 am (interested undergraduate students also welcome, check sb@home for information on the venue!).
    • Winter School at Jawaharlal-Nehru-University, Delhi, in February 2017. Expenses for travel and accommodation are covered by the DAAD. There are places for up to 9 MA-students (as well as advanced BA- and Lehramt-students, should not all places be filled). Applications including a CV and 1-page letter of motivation should be sent via e-mail to Prof. Dr. Isabel Karremann by 1. December 2016 (


    The cooperation is made possible through the funding initiatives Indo-German Partnerships in Higher Education and A New Passage to India and is financially supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Out of the initiative arose the interdisciplinary Centre for Modern India Studies Centre for Modern India Studies at Würzburg University.


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