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    FJUEL 16

    FJUEL 2016

    From Beowulf to New Englishes to the way Madonna drops her /r/s – on September 16, 2016 the Institute of English Linguistics Würzburg was host to the 6th FJUEL – Forum Junge Englische Linguistik in Bayern – during which young linguists showed how varied, new, and exciting linguistic research can be. 27 people, all of them graduate students and post-doc researchers, gathered for a day packed with 13 talks, during which presenters had the opportunity to talk about their ongoing work, and discuss theories, methods, and results with their peers.

    On the next day the conference was complemented by a workshop on general research methods (i.e., quantitative vs qualitiative, diachronic vs. synchronic), and on how to do research with pre-existing as well as self-compiled corpora using regular expressions. This workshop was held by Ninja Schulz and Patrick Maiwald.