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    “How [to] describe or say anything in articulate words”? Expressing oneself is always an experiment. Consequently, the Literature Blog invites us to deal “with the dangers and difficulties of words” through which we can gain new experiences with language. Denksport:Art acts as an incentive to “refresh and exercise our own creative powers” in an “attempt to come closer to [art and] life” ...more

    Gail Honeymans Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine ist hochgelobt und preisgekrönt. Zu märchenhaft, um wahr zu sein? Ja, das ist es! Denn mit diesem Roman ist einiges nicht 'completely fine' ...more

    ... I noticed how a shape above the tablecloth had darkened its colours. Mesmerized by the shadow that had seemingly formed itself on the cloth, I tried to trace its edges. But that’s the thing with shadows, there is no definite line. The shape started to retreat until the mysterious presence disappeared, leaving no traces behind. That was the first time I met him ...more


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