Englische Fachdidaktik

    Recommended Order of Courses

    • conveys basic knowledge in all areas relevant for TEFL methodology
    • 2nd or 3rd semester 

    • in-depth analysis of 1-3 core theme(s) of EFL teaching and learning
    • basic knowledge in the other areas is necessary for a successful completion of the course
    • 3rd - 5th semester

    Depending on the core theme(s), courses are either classified as Aufbaumodul 1 or 2:

    • Aufbaumodul 1: teaching principles and methodology, inter- and transcultural learning, language acquisition and language learning
    • Aufbaumodul 2: literature and reading, media competence, assessment and evaluation

    • intensive exam preparation intended for students who take their first state exam at the end of the semester
    • 5th semester or later